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Over 20 Years' Experience Providing Hair Restoration in Tampa and Clearwater Florida

  • Emu Oil is natural 

  • Contains essential fatty acids Omega-3 & Omega-6

  • Promotes cell regeneration 

  • Awakens sleeping, retired or dead hair follicles

  • Revitalizes dormant hair  

Hair Growth Supplements that will help restore hair once again!

                 $ 15.00

                                                             60 Tablets 

  Emu Oil Shampoo  -  Emu Oil Conditioner - Vitamins

Boston University School of Medicine research using topical Emu-oil

showed 20% increase growth of hair in hair loss patients.


Healthy Hair Supplement products created especially for 


                      $ 10.00

                                                                       8  oz - 237 ml




​    Emu Oil, all natural safe & effective for Men & Women     

A deep hydrating, sulfate free shampoo & conditioner 

$ 10.00

    8 oz - 237 ml

VITAMINS - help provide hair with much needed structural nutrition and proteins to make hair stronger, longer, healthier and helps protect against breakage.

CONDITIONER - This lightweight daily conditioner deep conditions hair to restore proper moisture levels. Formulated with Emu oil to penetrate the hair shaft of normal or chemically treated hair to deep condition while adding much needed Omega 3's and essential acids.


Tampa Bay Hair Restoration

SHAMPOO - Formulated with emu oil and botanicals, this unique shampoo promotes healthy hair growth            by supplying Omega 3's and essential acids that hair needs to be hydrated and healthy.